15 June, 2013

How to create a wapka site

How to create a wapka site free

Step1→Goto website wapka.mobi or wapka.com or wapka.me

Then Signup by clicking on link sign up located on the wapka website
wapka sign up page
wapka sign up page

this page will show up

  1. in Passport (email) enter your email
  2. enter your password
  3. confirm your password
  4. enter your website name you want to register like http://googlebox.wapka.mobi
  5. enter the codes shown in the picture
  6. click the checkbox of accept terms of policy, privacy policy, and code of conduct
  7. at the end click sign up button. that is it

After sign up you will be redirected to wapka login page that looks like this

Steps for Login in in wapka website
  1. in passport enter your email u used for registration
  2. enter the password u used earlier for registartion
  3. enter the pictures and click login

Add basic things to your wapka website

Next is creating a logo by using image creator(On main page there is tool→image creator)
Then go to admin mode.

How to make
Goto edit site→Newpage
Goto editsite→text
Wml/xhtml code:

Goto edit site→wml code
Some Basic Codes
1:Html link code→
copy here
image code→
copy here

3:Line code→
copy here

Wapka coloured text&background

remove spaces
remove spaces
For upload a file, just goto file manager then uploader
u can upload games,videos,software and themes etc.
for this just goto
edit site→filemanager→more upload ways→upload via url, put the url of file.so u done