06 July, 2013

Wapka unified search page for Music

Wapka unified search page for Music

today we will show you how to set unified search page for music in wapka content manager. We have done all work fot you. You have to just copy the codes and paste them in your website.

Step 1: Setup the style of search page

Page format:


Wapka unified search page for Image content manager

Wapka unified search page for Image 

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Here is the answer

Page format:


01 July, 2013

Wapka Whats on Your Mind Full code

Wapka Whats on Your Mind Full code
Go edit site - wml/xhtml nd put this code
What's On Your Mind?
or Photo

:bloglist:o=n,l=6,s=:geti-number(1):,n=Empty,t=--:: %lname%
:: :/bloglist:

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Best wapka Shout Box Code

Wapka shoutbox code

one of the best things in wapka.mobi is wapka shoutbox where website visitors can shout out their views reviews shouts . So today we bring you the best wapka box code .you can visit war4u.in to see the preview of shoutbox
Note. Change forum id and wapka site name war4u.in

» ShoutBox

Shout ! HistorY

Shout box 2
Note. Remove All @ From this code and add Ur forum id Replace XXXXX and add your wapka site name in Code Where r war4u

Home Back Top code For wapka website

 Home Back Top code for wapka website

Add this code in auto content for all webpages. This code allows your users to go directly to your homepage of website, back button allows to go to previous page they visited and top botton allows to surf to the top of website

Steps to show Home Back Top code for wapka website

→ Go Edit Site
→ Wml/xhtml
→ Put This Code

Wapka Bloglist code

 Wapka bloglist code

Wapka blog list is an important, amazing and best wapka feature by which you can do amazing blogging on your wapka website with thumbnails and previews same like blogspot.com and wordpress  you can add various functions like notifications for update status, new user login, tags groups pages

Bloglist code

Note. . Remove Space Between b l o g l i s t
→ Go Edit Site
→ Wml/xhtml
→ Put This Code

wapka logo maker


WApka logo maker is the most beautiful code you can use on your website. You can place below code in your website and users can create cool logos from your wapka website. You can use this code in other html wml php websites also. 

Procedure :-
→ Go Edit Site
→ Wml/xhtml

Insert Text :

Select Font :

Select Size :

Background :

Color :

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Wapka Most Online Today code

Wapka Most online today code

Hello friends makewapka with war4u brings today a brand new wapka html code for you by which you can display highest number of users which were online today on your wapka website
For example:-
Most online today - 24
So wasting no time we will show you how to display it.
Note.. Remove All Space Between Code


→ Go Edit Site
→ Wml/xhtml
→ Put This Code

Makewapka.blogspot.com and war4u.in work very hard to bring you these tricks.so please share and like these posts. If you face any problem feel free to comment below

Application with preview code

Wapka application code with preview function id is amazing. It helps you to display your apps and software from your wapka website in your custom way. Today we will show you how you can display your apps in wapka website. We are providing you a wapka html script to use in your website.

Just copy the code from below and past in your website xhtml ... just remove space and change directory to your specified destination

Note.. Remove Space Between : filelist: , Change d=xxxx to ur directory Example: d=1

If you face any problem visit http://war4u.in
Copy code below

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 Wapka User Detail Code
Note.. Remove All * From Code
→ Go Edit Site
→ Wml/xhtml
→ Put This Code