26 March, 2015

Steps For Renewing .TK Domain for Free - wapka codes

Steps For Renewing .TK Domain for Free

Dot.tk provides free .tk extension for your website and is popular for free domains .
But dot.tk allows you to register your free domain for only one year . after one year  your free domain expires 

Expiring of domain means you lose lot of traffic, backlinks and rankings.

Today we have brought a solution for that. This can help you to renew your domain and prevent you from losing traffic users backlinks and earnings.

Steps For Renewing .TK Domain for Free

dot.tk logo
1. Go to www.Dot.tk free website

2.Click On Login to my Dot tk

3.After Login you'll be redirected to www.freenom.com 

4.In www.freenom.com homepage navigate to the link with the text DOMAINS, click on it and a slide bar will come up showing

5."My Domains, Register a new Domain, Renew Domains, Transfer Domains"
Click on Renew Domains 

After doing so a new page will come up showing your renewable domains, Then click anyone due for renewal set months of usage and click on renew.

Note:- It's Minimum Advance Renewal is 14 Days for free,which equally means that free renewal can only be done 14 days to domain expiration.