24 February, 2017

Increase Website visitors With Youtube

Step by step instructions to Increase Website Traffic By YouTube 

Delivering short videos is regularly a to a great degree compelling promoting instrument, and YouTube has turned into the go-to hotspot for nothing on the web video facilitating. In any case, when you're utilizing YouTube, you need to ensure that you're not simply inspiring individuals to watch one of your recordings; you need to ensure that you're maneuvering them into your site too. The issue is, YouTube is addictive, and once somebody arrives there, they regularly remain there for quite a while. The greatest error you can make is to lure individuals to watch other YouTube content as opposed to go to your site or watch your very own greater amount recordings. Here are a few things you can do to stay away from this issue and transform your YouTube sees into expanded site activity.

Try not to Send People to YouTube 

Instead of advancing a video by conveying a connection to its YouTube address, the most straightforward approach to guarantee that your watchers discover your site is to insert the YouTube video on your site itself. This is anything but difficult to do: most web stages will give you a chance to duplicate and glue a YouTube interface into your webpage's code, and will transform that content into an implanted video cut once the page is distributed. When you send somebody to YouTube, they are shelled with connections to other YouTube cuts that will draw them far from your substance. By implanting recordings straightforwardly on to your site, you are keeping your watchers right where you need them.

Utilize the Video's Description to Link to Your Website 

Regardless of the possibility that individuals discover your video on YouTube's site, there are basic things you can do to allure individuals to visit your site as opposed to viewing other YouTube recordings. One of the most straightforward things you can do is to add a connection to your site in the video's portrayal. This is a basic undertaking, yet one that many individuals frequently overlook. Keep in mind to put your connection toward the start of your depiction as opposed to the end, where it can get slice off and is harder to see.

Utilize the Video Itself to Mention Your Website 

This is another strategy that is regularly overlooked. It is totally true blue to say your site in the video itself, the length of it doesn't seem as though you're making a decent attempt to plug your site. On the off chance that somebody in the video specifies the site name verbally, it's a smart thought to show the connection as content too to make it simpler for individuals to recall.

Utilize Descriptive Titles For Your Videos 

Site design improvement (SEO) is critical for sites, and it's vital for YouTube recordings also. One of the keys of YouTube SEO is to utilize straightforward, expressive titles for your recordings. It can entice to concoct fun and imaginative titles for your recordings, yet the truth of the matter is your video is a great deal more inclined to get hits on the off chance that it has an enlightening title. Free devices like Google Trends can help you to track the most prevalent web search queries. Utilize these expressions in your titles to build your hits. An additional advantage is that if your video comes up higher in YouTube looks, it will come up higher in Google seeks too, since Google regularly puts video comes about high in its web list items.

When you begin utilizing these basic techniques, you ought to see your YouTube movement and additionally your own site's activity increment rapidly. Simply recall that you need to keep your watchers moored to your material instead of proceeding onward to different locales and recordings.

13 February, 2017

Related Files Code On Wapka Content Manager

Related Files code on wapka website Content Manager

You can add related files to your wapka website's content manager downloading page.
Wapka doesn't give you option to show related files but we will give a code to show it.
Related files code can be added to bottom of your wapka website downloading page

To show this code you have to show the files in wapka file manager and not content manager.

wapka codes
wapka help

What Is wapka related files code

wapka related files code is same like the code used on blogger website that shows related topics at the bottom of the page. 

Importance of Related files Code

Showing related files code at the bottom of the website increases link juice of your website.
This is important for seo of the website. this also increases the traffic and maximises user usage on website.

How to place Related files code on wapka website 

if you want to display this code on your wapka website you have to use wapka's old file manager for storing files and forget about content manager of wapka.com. You have to show files example videos by :list- video: 
you need to create different download page for every category like songs, videos, apps etc


  1. You have to Create a new page visible only in ADMIN MODE. this will be our downloading page.
  2. Write down its ID. For example site ID is A ( you will find site ID at the right side on the bottom of the page.
  3. Goto the content's listing code delete %viewurl% and instead add /site_A.xhtml?cmid=
  4. Add it via HTML/WML code. (add this code where you want to show this code and not in A)
  5. Now Goto the site A, and Add this code given below:
Remember to remove spaces from :video and :list-video tags. And also change **** with the category id.

12 February, 2017

Earn lot of money on your wapka website with Bidvertiser

Earn lot of money on your wapka website with bidvertiser

Bidvertiser also known as Alternative of Adsense can help you Earn a lot of money from your wapka website. All of you guys know that adsense is the best cpc network but there is 99% chances that you can get disabled or disapproved by them.
After that everyone searches for another adnetworks which can help them earn a lot of money like adsense.

1. CPC is high than other Networks.
2.Approves your websites faster than other networks
3. Doesn't Require minimum traffic.
4. customer care service is very Good.
5. Also approves free websites like Wapka and blogger.
6. Payments are sent to you on time.

How to Make Money by Bidvertiser
You can make money from bidvertiser by Clicks and conversions.
Extra money will be given to you if your click turns into a conversion. Bidvertiser always shows highest bidding ads on your website thus ensuring that you earn the highest money from your website or blog. so this is the right time to  Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser.

Ads on bidvertiser are very simple. you have just to copy their adcodes and place in your website.
the best thing is that their ads are of very short lenght just of 1 or 2 lines.
You can place many ads like
Medium Rectangle (300x250)
Large Rectangle (336x280)
Full Banner (468x60)
Leaderboard (728x90)
Wide Skyscraper (160x600)
Skyscraper (120x600)
4.Generate detailed reports to monitor your ads
Bidvertiser gives the exact online reports of your ads . you can monitor your clicks and impressions anytime. You can also check the Revenue you have earned and time you will get payment.

Sign Up Now with BidVertiser As a Publisher
Get $20 in FREE Clicks to Advertise Here!

09 February, 2017

Activate Profile Photo or Avatar In Chatroom In Wapka Mobile websites

Activate Profile Photo or Avatar In Chat room In Wapka Mobile websites

wapka is the best free mobile website builder with unlimited features.
A great chatting website can be made through wapka website builder 
You may have noticed that in wapka chat website there is option for profile picture. you can't set it nor can change it. but the amazing thing is you can activate it by pasting an xhtml code.
Activate Profile Photo or Avatar In Chat room In Wapka Mobile websites
Add caption

Today we are going to show you How to activate photo in chatroom in Wapka mobile chat sites.


1.create a chatting page in wapka
2. copy the code below and paste it there

3. Goto  Edit Site then wap2 then style for forum& chat then style for private chat or for chat room then message in chat 
4.copy the code below and paste it there

ok done now whenever the user will activate his profile picture or DP it will show in the chatting room.

How to use Godaddy Domain on Wapka free website

How to use Godaddy Domain on Wapka free website

Hello this article is about using a new domain purchased from godaddy website on your wapka website.
When i purchased a new domain on godaddy to use on my wapka website i faced many problems. 

i exactly didn't knew what to do next. I used and edited every information on the domain but nothing worked .but eventually i got success.
i became successful in using my newly purchased domain on my existing website. Now i am using my new domain on my wapka website and it helped me to get a lot of traffic to my website.

Steps to use your new Godaddy domain on your wapka website

wapka domain godaddy1. Login to your godaddy account
2. change nameservers

3.edit from STANDARD to custom

4.add nameservers as
(a) ns1.wapka.mobi
(b) ns2.wapka.mobi

5.Save below

6.log out

7.login to wapka website

8.add domain in Admin Panel

9. Add new domain .Type in your new domain.it will show domain added.you can test your domain as well.however if your domain is not working wait for 2 hours till servers get refreshed.

10.after 2-4 hours yours website will open with your new domain name
Hope you like this article .please comment if you need help or if you face difficulty anywhere you can contact me on my email warzubair@gmail.com
Or meet me on www.war4u.in

Change Thumbnail In Content Management System In wapka

Change Thumbnail In Content Management System In wapka

Wapka has so many limited functions and some webmasters are leaving wapka for blog or php sites because of these limited functions.
wapka content manager

People like me who started from wapka will never leave wapka in good or bad rather i will be discovering an alternative way to meet these limited functions. 

Since the advent of content manager in wapka, a lot of things has been different like the music part of it, it is absolutely impossible to change thumbnail for a music and this affected a lot of old and new wapka users especially me. On the process to fix this and continue my upload with my site thumbnail i discovered this new trick that worked very fine for me.I have decided to share it with my precious site users. Follow the step and you be able to change your site music thumbnail online in your site content manager.


1. Upload the music you want via URL or any means you wish to.

2. Edit the text as you want then submit change thumbnail for music
3. Then place the below link on your browser URL and edit the content manager details (IDs) as it was in your site original link.


4. Edit or change 1576949 to your site content manager music ID
5. 1398998 to your wapsite ID
6. Finally change 1065789 to your site content manager music category ID
7. Then for easy usage next time kindly bookmark the link on your browser

I hope you have done your by now,If you encounter any bug please let me know .

Top Adnetworks To Monetize Your Website 2017

Top Adnetworks To Monetise Your wapka Website 2017

Every wapka website owner wishes that they could earn a lot of money from their website. 

top adnetworks to earn from wapka website

We find many articles on websites that show website owners earning a lot of money but that is almost not easy for every website owner.
When i made my first website i found that i was wasting my own money on my website rather than earning from it.

3 years, almost 3 years went in waste.

Later on i started monetising my website with some infamous adnetworks and started to earn a handful sum of money like 300-600. it was not enough. Not enough even for a one day.

I kept searching on internet everyday but always found out fake networks who usually robbed at the payment time.
Now being a blogger i started earning from google adsense but i don't know why but, i was blocked.There i lost hope of earning from a website

Later i found out small but very Good adnetworks that helped me to earn a lot of money.Now i earn quite a decent income from these adnetworks. . So today i am going to share these with you.

List of top 4 Adnetworks for wapka website owners

1. Adgoi.com
ADGOI adnetwork is the best. These people are simply awesome. You won't believe this that i contact them from my whatsapp account. the customer service is really very Good. They contact me whenever there is drop in traffic on my website. the ad codes are really simple.They most use Cpc Model but also give Cpm ads but you need high traffic website for this. Payment is done every month after you earn 10 dollars.

Adzmedia is also a great adnetwork. They work on cpc, cpm, cpi  model, payment done when you earn 30 dollars. Free domains not approved. They don't approve free websites so you need to buy a domain for your wapka website in order to sign up.

cpm,cpc,cpi model.
Payment done when you earn 25 dollars

Formerly known as Ketads. They changed their name to Adacts recently.
Cpc, cpi, cpm Model. payments done on time after you earn 30 dollars

Adhitz is a scam !! Proof added

Adhitz is a scam !! Proof added

Hello friends welcome to our blog .
Today i am going posting about adhitz.com. Adhitz network seems legitimate but what i know about them is interesting.  I was using adhitz.com for my small wapka website . Those were my first days .
I set up adhitz ads on my website . You won't believe but after 3 months i reached mark of 25$ . But when the payment day came i logged in to see if i had got my payment but what i saw shocked me. They had suspended me on the day of payment

When i contacted their customer care official they ignored by saying that your website has some copyrighted files. I just wanted to tell them why didn't then suspended me before i reached my payment threshold amount.

adhitz scam proof
Last march i signed up with another account and a brand new website with lot of traffic but what i saw was very less earnings. After a longtime i reached the threshold amount but it was 1 more day after payment day. So now i had to wait for another month and 20 days

 I kept my payment on hold and earned 37.7$ and after starting of another month i earned 7$ more but when 20th o month reached which is their payment day i logged again to see that my account has been again suspended. 
This time they accused me of some auto-bot i never know. 

Again i want to tell them why this happens again and again with them but only at that time when they have to pay someone.

I am sharing the screenshot of my conversation below as a proof..
Moral of the story is ADHITZ IS 100% SCAM. SCAM SCAM.

Change font size and style - wapka codes

Change font size and style - wapka codes

Writing articles and text in wapka website is common. But many users don't know how to change font style in wapka. You can change your font style for both single words or a long sentence. Before learning to change font style in wapka you have to remember that wapka command consists of two parts  one is the beginning and another is end. Second you have to remember that you have to enclose the text you want to format for example as we write in html language <b > TEXT </b> .
wapka font

Below are some of the commands you can use to change your font style in wapka

wapka commands

● :b-beg: text :b-end:
This will make your text bold
example text
●:i-beg: text :i-end:
This will make your text italic
Eg text
●:u-beg: text :u-end:
This will make your text underlined
●:big-beg: text :big-end:
This will make your text big
●:small-beg: text :small-end:
This will make your text small


If you write like this
Best :b-beg:website:b-end: about wapka
It will be showed like this
Best website about wapka
You can use this format in all sites, links, texts, forums,

Advanced formatting

If you are using your website in wap2 version you can use more advanced features like changing colour, background colour etc.
● For changing text colour you can use tag
:color- CLR: SAMPLE TEXT:/color:
wapka logo●You can also change background color of text for this you have to use tag:
:bgcolor- CLR: SAMPLE TEXT:/bgcolor:
CLR = color eg Red , blue, green, or color code example #000000