13 February, 2017

Related Files Code On Wapka Content Manager

Related Files code on wapka website Content Manager

You can add related files to your wapka website's content manager downloading page.
Wapka doesn't give you option to show related files but we will give a code to show it.
Related files code can be added to bottom of your wapka website downloading page

To show this code you have to show the files in wapka file manager and not content manager.

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What Is wapka related files code

wapka related files code is same like the code used on blogger website that shows related topics at the bottom of the page. 

Importance of Related files Code

Showing related files code at the bottom of the website increases link juice of your website.
This is important for seo of the website. this also increases the traffic and maximises user usage on website.

How to place Related files code on wapka website 

if you want to display this code on your wapka website you have to use wapka's old file manager for storing files and forget about content manager of wapka.com. You have to show files example videos by :list- video: 
you need to create different download page for every category like songs, videos, apps etc


  1. You have to Create a new page visible only in ADMIN MODE. this will be our downloading page.
  2. Write down its ID. For example site ID is A ( you will find site ID at the right side on the bottom of the page.
  3. Goto the content's listing code delete %viewurl% and instead add /site_A.xhtml?cmid=
  4. Add it via HTML/WML code. (add this code where you want to show this code and not in A)
  5. Now Goto the site A, and Add this code given below:
Remember to remove spaces from :video and :list-video tags. And also change **** with the category id.