13 October, 2017

Xtgem is Down ! How to Save Your Website

Xtgem has been Down Since August 2017. There has been no clue what went wrong and there is only one question in everyone's heart that what will happen to their website which is hosted on Xtgem Server.
Xtgem has been the best free website builder and its shutting down has created many problems for webmasters.

When we visit their website there is a message which says as
"XtGem is coming back in a few days. 

We appreciate your support and our apologies for the extended downtime.
I have heard that  The sudden shutdown of the website-builder has caused over 1,994,508wapsites to be unavailable to its users and has affected and made lost over 1,236,585,119 data of all the websites hosted under the wap-builder.

Some say that Shortage of Funds and Revenue has caused this issue.
 Wapka had also shut down before and since its break down it has not been working.
Still, there are many bugs and problems and you can't still download a file from wapka.

Hope this doesn't happen with xtgem and its resumes its services again so that we also earn and we also resume our websites.