09 February, 2017

How to use Godaddy Domain on Wapka free website

How to use Godaddy Domain on Wapka free website

Hello this article is about using a new domain purchased from godaddy website on your wapka website.
When i purchased a new domain on godaddy to use on my wapka website i faced many problems. 

i exactly didn't knew what to do next. I used and edited every information on the domain but nothing worked .but eventually i got success.
i became successful in using my newly purchased domain on my existing website. Now i am using my new domain on my wapka website and it helped me to get a lot of traffic to my website.

Steps to use your new Godaddy domain on your wapka website

wapka domain godaddy1. Login to your godaddy account
2. change nameservers

3.edit from STANDARD to custom

4.add nameservers as
(a) ns1.wapka.mobi
(b) ns2.wapka.mobi

5.Save below

6.log out

7.login to wapka website

8.add domain in Admin Panel

9. Add new domain .Type in your new domain.it will show domain added.you can test your domain as well.however if your domain is not working wait for 2 hours till servers get refreshed.

10.after 2-4 hours yours website will open with your new domain name
Hope you like this article .please comment if you need help or if you face difficulty anywhere you can contact me on my email warzubair@gmail.com
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